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Why your weight loss goals are leading to weight gain

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In this workshop you will learn…

  • The reasons why weight fluctuates
  • Why weight goals set you up for failure
  • Getting clear on how to set goals up so you don’t fail
  • Non scale victories
  • Re wiring the brain and next generation
  • I want you to imagine having the body you have always dreamed of.

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FREE WORKSHOP - Why your weight loss goals are leading to weight gain
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Don’t take my word for it, check out what Bex had to say about my 21 Day Mindset challenge…

“I started the 21 day challenge feeling heavy, deflated and with no motivation other than running around with my kids and work I was always feeling exhausted, 5 days into it.. my results were incredible I had amazing weight loss my body felt hydrated, energised and fantastic, I am now 4 days away from completing my 21 days and it’s become my daily routine, some days are slower than others but my body and mind has been disciplined to challenge myself even if I’m exhausted from working long hours, my weight has stayed down perfectly, my body feels toned and I even sleep so much better, my kids have even enjoyed being apart of it eating better, exercising more and love to encourage me with the steps and the dreaded cold shower that I have become a pro at Thanks to Shaun he has been around the clock support and not only pushed us to complete each day but encouraged us that it’s us that gives ourselves the discipline to go further and tackle each obstacle as he says “simple but not easy” I never knew just how much this routine fit into my days all along and I’m grateful for being able to be apart of it, I have loved every second of it and the thrill of completing each task each day.’

Why not check out her transformation picture with others here as well.


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