the ‘Power List Journal’



Shaun Thompson presents
the ‘Power List Journal’

Chet Morjaria – Business Book Awards Finalist 2021 and No.1 Bestselling Author. 

“I really really like it; it’s so far removed from that standard journal and tracker that most people do. It’s very personal, really systemised and there is so much I like about it. The story that you start off with to the explanations you have given you, have unravelled how this entire structure works. There are a lot of meaningful things going on in my life and this journal couldn’t have landed at a better time. It’s like the universe knew it was time for me to start using this, so thank you. “

Knowing you have control over your day and that you are taking small steps to ensure you succeed long term is so POWERFUL

All you need to do is take action right this second

Your world may feel like it’s in a midst a huge storm

But I am going to pull you right into the eye of it and show you that when you control the controllable you can see the peace amongst the chaos

This journal will teach you ‘How To Win The Day’ by setting out specific tasks that you must execute each day

What you get?

“Amazing, a fierce pocket mentor! Better than an iphone in your pocket, that’s for sure”

The exciting part is that if you do just that you can’t fail, every day you will get a little bit better and even closer to your dream goals.

How it works:
  • In a nutshell every day you will set yourself THREE-FIVE Goal focus tasks you must do that day.
  • Once you have completed all the tasks you can tick the WIN box at the top of the page and the end of the week.
  • Stack up those WINS every day and you can’t lose (crazy right?)
  • You will be moving closer and closer to the body and life you have always dreamed of
  • Just by taking care of the simple tasks every day.
You are probably asking yourself ‘How much investment do I have to make to see these incredible results’ This book is just £9.99 (Delivery £1.95) and will give you the power to take back control of your life.
As soon as you realize anything is possible then the sky really is the limit.
I will help knock down your barriers and allow you to:
live the life of freedom 
What are you waiting for?
Make today your last ever Day One!
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“You never fail until you stop trying”