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WARNING: Don’t Even Try To Drop Weight Until You Have Read This….

My Proven Bespoke Accountability Online Course Will Ensure You Feel Incredible In Your Body In Less Than 6 Weeks So You Never Have To Start Over Again

(Even If You Feel Right Now There Is No Hope)

I know there are many reasons why you want to do this alone from finances to proving you can.

But reaching out for help is a lot more powerful than grinding yourself into the ground with no returns.

I understand where you are in your transformation as I have been you trying to heavily reduce my calories while punishing myself in the gym.

DETERMINED to succeed but having nothing to show for it.

It’s DISHEARTENING to know that all your hard work and focus is going to waste but this can be changed with very simple strategies, the same ones I use in my highly successful Grab The Bull Method

Have a think now about your favourite PROFESSIONAL

In sport or business such as Serena Williams, Mel Robbins, Cristiano Ronaldo or Elon Musk

All these people have Coaches or Mentors


Because they never want to peak they only want to live a fulfilled life and they know that fully investing in themself pays huge dividends

How would it feel to never reach your full potential?

What about your loved ones missing out on the opportunity to reach theirs too?

The beauty is you have the power to transform that right now all you have to do is want to MOVE FORWARD

I am so sure you can achieve everything you dream of that I offer a Money Back Guarantee with all my mentorship packages

These courses aren’t for everyone as not only do you need to be determined you have to be inspired to explore a method you have never tried before

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Lets move forward right NOW


Via this 6 or 12 Week Course YOU CAN GUARANTEE:

  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE An Accountability 60 Minute Power Call Every Week Which Means You Don’t Have To Fight This Journey Alone
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE Instant Access Via Messenger to Yours Truly Which Means You Can Be Worry Free With Your Questions Answered That Day.
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE Full Access To The Members Only Website With a Number of Powerful and Informative Features Which Means Your Knowledge Will Accelerate So You Never Have To Start Over Ever Again
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE To See Incredible Changes In Just 6 Weeks or Your Money Back Which Means Your Investment Is 100% Safe
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE That You Don’t Have To Workout Every Day Which Means You Can Gain Back Precious Time With Your Loved Ones
  • YOU CAN GUARANTEE That Nothing Is Off The Menu Which Means You Can Drop 7lbs Plus More While Still Enjoying Your Favourite Food And Drinks

With over 10 years of experience and over 1520 Hours of coaching sessions I know this program will work for you

Playing Professional Ice Hockey since the age of 16 I have been able to practice and execute multiple strategies that have strengthen my Fat Loss Method to fit even the most disheartened dieter.

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at Damien’s Video above

What are you going to get:

  • You will get a Live 1-2-1 Coaching call every week
  • There will be time for Q&A’S
  • You will have full access to my members only website
  • You also have full access to your own private Facebook Group
  • There will be full accountability from me every week

This course has limited spaces each month so make sure you register your interest today

Added bonuses:

  • For any sign ups before then end of 2021 you will get a FREE surprise gift voucher
  • You will also take home my Power List Journal so you can keep your daily actions focused to one place
  • You will receive a free personalised note pad so you can keep all your key powerful information all in one place, which means you never have to waste time searching on Google again.

Not only do I guarantee this will work for you if you implement everything I ask but also I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If this program doesn’t show you exactly how to drop the unwanted pounds, if it doesn’t show you how to take back control, if it doesn’t give you a plan to get ready if you’re not ready right now, we don’t want your money.

We’ll give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

  • You’re going to get weekly private accountability calls
  • You’re going to get full access to me
  • You’re going to get full access to my members only website
  • You’re going to get an additional free 1-2-1 coaching call if you join today
  • You’re going to get a free daily task journal
  • You’re going to be joined by like minded inspired people in the private facebook group

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P.P.S Let’s be blunt, if you pass on this offer, in 30 days from now will you be any further in your journey? Probably not!

You will still wish and want it but the pain will still be there, as you still haven’t taken action to fix the problem

Wouldn’t you like to finally feel incredible and bragging about how much your life has changed for the better?

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